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Social Media Channels

Digital Reach Now works with you to build a holistic strategy spread across top social media channels, weaving a network of inter-related posts and stories that collectively meet your Social Media Marketing objectives. Based on the challenges and objectives identified, relevant Digital Marketing channels are setup and populated. Audiences for Social Media channels differ and therefore content is created accordingly, addressing the relevant audience, and achieving the desired result. Digital Reach NOW creates your Social Media presence across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogs & StumbleUpon, depending upon the nature and need of the campaign.

Increases exposure to potential customers, reaches targeted audience, builds brand loyalty and increases traffic.
Provides customer support and helps personalize the customer.
Stays connected with customers, offers helpful links and headlines, quick responses, maintains PR, increases your credibility,
enables real time testimonies, updates news and trends, etc.
Identifies the right people and audience, enables referrals & endorsements, increases credibility,
allows participation with the right groups and organizations.
Google Plus
Increases visibility in search engine and influences your search ranking, it’s indexed by
Google and integrated with other platforms like YouTube and Gmail.
Enables visual, viral marketing and has a high level of engagement on mobile devices. Build brand personality, increase mobile traffic and adds an element of fun for the audience.
Enables blogging under well researched categories, is SEO friendly and instantly indexed. Setup blog, customized, SEO and indexing.
Works as a great source of consumer insights, facilitates gathering of ideas and inspiration, engages with an interactive audience through pinned photos and videos.
Captures attention, promotes viral marketing, high traffic volume, and is a multiple video marketing channel. Facilitates search engine rankings and integrates well with other social media channels.
Blog content is a great way to get your viewpoint across to the interested audience. Blog writing and promotion are both important digital marketing activities.
Facilitates discovery of content and is an engine driven by people for the people, and run by a massive user base, excited about promoting content that they stumbled upon.