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SEO Packages

 Search Engine Optimization Packages 




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SEO Pack

15 Page Website

25 Page Website

50 Page Website

100 Page Website



Website Analysis





Extract a list of site URLs, Broken links check, Check server response for each URL, Check Search Engine saturation, Check PageRank, Site Alexa rank, Age of domain & validity, Hosted in country, Site load speed, page load speed, Page size, Check duplicate / copied content, Directory depth check, Browser compatibility check, Current traffic analysis (Google Analytics), Setup Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console / Google Analytics


Search Engine Friendliness Analysis





Check robots.txt, Robots meta tags validity, session IDs, iframes, content in flash, content in Ajax, text in images, site intra-linking, content Silos, embedded JavaScripts, embedded CSS, meta refresh tags, 301 / 302 redirects, customized 404 error page, cloaking, hidden text, sitemap depth, XML sitemap, Google supplemental index, Main domain "www" / Canonicals, Subdomains, Links in drop-downs etc.


SEO Level Check





Analysis of each page for Title Tag, Meta tags, Robots tag, Image name, Alt Text, Title Attributes optimization, Anchor text / Anchor Title Attributes optimization, HTML markups (H1-H6, Body text, Strong, Italics, Underline, List Items, CSS), Keywords optimization in text and other elements of the page, File-name format / keywords used in file-names, XML Sitemap check etc.


Keyword Research (100 Final keywords)





Basic / head keywords evaluation, Extract Keyword list from site, Keywords extraction using leading keyword research tools, keyword search volume / Traffic it can deliver, Checking keyword competition, Checking link-backs required to rank each keyword, Keyword relevance evaluation, Keywords Cluster formation, Grading keywords in Long-term generic keywords, Primary keywords, Focused traffic keywords & Long-tail conversion keywords, Final Keywords selection with the client, Time frame expected for ranking on selected keywords


Website Optimization ($35 per page)





SEO theme grouping – Creating content Silo on your website, page theme based optimization of - Title tag, Meta tags, Anchor text, HTML markups optimization (H1-H5, Body text, Strong, Italics, Underline, List Items, CSS), Keyword density optimization, Keywords optimization in text and other elements of the page, File-name format, keywords used in file-names, robots.txt optimization, Robots meta tags, Session IDs removal (if any), iframes removal (if any), Flash content alternative text creation, Ajax content alternative text creation, Text embedded in image content alternative text creation, Embedded JavaScripts optimization, Embedded CSS optimization, 301 / 302 redirects evaluation, Customized 404 page creation, Google XML sitemap creation, Main domain "www" / Canonicals optimization, Subdomains check & optimization, Links in drop-downs – Alternate HTML Site-map creation, Content change recommendation, Content addition recommendation


Image Optimization (Min 10 images)





Image Name & Alt Text optimization, Image Title Attributes optimization, Image Size optimization


Pre & Post Website Optimization Tasks





Pre-Optimization Search Engine Ranking report for all your selected keywords, Quality Check of all SEO implementation & recommendations, Manual Site Submission – to all major search engines, link building recommendations, Post optimization ranking report on a monthly basis, Monthly SEO maintenance & Monthly site optimization (based on maintenance sign-up)









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